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The Worst Newspaper Article About ADHD Ever - I'm Sorry But All This ADHD Doesn't Add Up By Dominic Lawson
The Sunday Times is a British newspaper owned by the well-known socialist philanthropist, Rupert Murdoch. The Times was always a conservative newspaper but obviously it lurched hard to the right when Murdoch added it to his global media hate factory. Columnists working for that newspaper often indulge in click-bait style articles designed specifically to confirm […]
Stimulants Gift the ADHD Brain with Self Awareness
Stimulant medication gives people with ADHD an insight into what a non-ADHD brain experiences.
The Subtle Art of Beginning
My problem, as with so many people who have ADHD, wasn't just getting stuff done, but with simply being able to start them in the first place.
Social Media Can be Toxic for People with ADHD - So I Decided to Disconnect
Social media is poisonous to those of us with ADHD and disconnecting completely from these money-making metadata machines is probably the only way out.
Hey Gen X - Go Easy on Yourself When You Start Taking ADHD Medication
If you're an adult who just got diagnosed with ADHD you need to cut yourself some slack and not expect the medication to work miracles.
Hack your ADHD with these Eight Awesome Apps
Eight amazing apps and devices to help you deal with your ADHD's procrastination, inattentiveness and memory issues.
SBS Insight - Adult ADHD featuring Andy from ADHD Army
I was recently invited to appear on a documentary panel TV show here in Australia called Insight. The episode in question was covering the subject of adult ADHD and how it impacts everyday life.
Top 10 Ways to Tell If You Have ADHD
1. Could Try Harder Every school report you ever got said that you were clearly an intelligent kid but that you just won't apply yourself to the work and that if you only put in the effort you could achieve so much more. If only this had occurred to you! You'd be a grade A […]
Practical Tips for Managing Social Media When You Have ADHD
Over the last couple of years I have seen how my use of social media has changed from a place to catch up with friends, to a place to get into a shouting match with total strangers over often irrelevant subjects. Those of us with ADHD sometimes seek out and often provoke conflict as yet […]
There's no neat boundary around an ADHD diagnosis
When I grew up in the UK in the '70s and '80s, mental health and mental disorders may as well have not existed. They were never talked about, never mentioned in conversation and the closest you got to seeing them on TV was when someone went bonkers and got taken away in an ambulance by […]
So You Just Got Diagnosed with ADHD Later in Life - Pro-Tips
More and more of us are being diagnosed with ADHD later in life - here are some tips I've picked up since being diagnosed at the age of 53.
ADHD Reality#8 - The Side Orders
I think I knew that if I ever tried anything harder than a bit of weed, I would be dead inside six months, so I never took any drug harder than marijuana
ADHD Reality#7 - The Young and the Restless
By the time I was 16 I think I hit peak-hyperactivity. I did nothing except piss about.
ADHD Reality#6 - Drive You Round the Bend
I like to speed. I’m not as bad now, but when I was in my teens and early 20s I was an absolute nightmare on the roads. I loved driving fast and fortunately for me (but not so much for literally every other road-user), my mum used to own a 5.3litre Jaguar XJ12.
ADHD Reality#5 - Surprise Surprise
I’m incapable of putting anything off, particularly if it meets my brain’s fucked up need for the stimulus it’s not getting from my dopamine deficiency.
ADHD Reality#4 - Look Back In Anger
Fortunately for me my bursts of anger don’t usually involve anything other than me getting red in the face and shouting.
ADHD Reality#3 - Take Your Job and Stick It
Those of us with ADHD are used to losing our jobs. We get fired, made redundant, not called back, removed from the roster and ‘let go’ on a disturbingly regular basis.
ADHD Reality#2 - Don’t You Forget About Me
When I was a kid my mum used to despair of me and, when trying to tell me something, she’d say, “It goes in one ear, and out the other.” Turns out she was absolutely right — it literally goes in and out unprocessed.
ADHD Reality#1 - Never Do Today What You Can Put off Until Tomorrow
Procrastination is a way of life for people with ADHD and we become masters in busying ourselves doing anything but whatever the fuck we’re supposed to be doing.
Life with ADHD
It never occurred to me to question why I was the way I was, until much later in life because, in all seriousness, I just thought I was a bit of an arsehole.

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Trail-blazing, hyper-focusing, risk-taking, fun-loving, fast-thinking, quick-talking, level-headed, time-wasting, dopamine-deficient
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