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Just your everyday, normal, cluster-fucks with seriously life-impeding neurodevelopmental disorders ...

Who are we?

Everyday heroes with laundry issues


the one with the neurodevelopmental disorder and the laundry issues. read andy's story here


the one who puts up with the one with the neurodevelopmental disorder
ADHD Army came out of a dream to 'take back' ADHD. Everyone who doesn't have ADHD has an opinion on it, everyone who doesn't have ADHD is an expert in it, everyone who doesn't have ADHD doesn't have a fucking clue. We're not a bunch of idiots seduced by the marketing efforts of 'big pharma' - we're a bunch of misunderstood folks who'd just like to catch a break.
It's simple - ADHD is one of the most misunderstood ailments on the planet. Those of us who have it know how crippling it is, and those who don't either think it's either some twitchy-kid issue that can just be sorted with a bit of brisk exercise and a kick up the arse or a bad excuse made-up by a bunch of lazy losers.

Do you ADHD

Particularly among older generations, such as anyone over 40 and particularly among people who don't live in the USA, and particularly among females, ADHD is seriously under-diagnosed. You need to see a psychatirst to find out if you definitely have it, but this test will give you some idea.

we are adhd

Trail-blazing, hyper-focusing, risk-taking, fun-loving, fast-thinking, quick-talking, level-headed, time-wasting, dopamine-deficient
Raising Adult ADHD Awareness
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