Date: March 4, 2021

ADHD Reality#8 - The Side Orders

One of the most common ways that ADHD manifests itself in sufferers lives is substance abuse and, thankfully, this is one that hasn’t affected me outside the usual mainstream vices of cigarettes and alcohol. I think I knew that if I ever tried anything harder than a bit of weed, I would be dead inside six months, so I never took any drug harder than marijuana. I did smoke for most of my adult life and I drank pretty heavily too and while I quit smoking about 10 years ago now, I still put away the bourbon like it’s tap water.

People who have ADHD are highly likely to have other mental disorders and that is certainly the case with me. I am autistic and bipolar too. When my dream job as a computer journalist went to shit and after I stopped (for reasons I still can’t fully explain) doing my side hustle as a club DJ I sunk into an intense depression which lasted for many years. During that time I basically did nothing except play games (mainly World of Warcraft) and design desktop wallpapers for computer customising sites like DeviantArt.

Unfortunately my depression coincided with the birth of my son, and Catherine admitted many years later that it was during this time that she came closest to leaving me. I did seek help from my G.P. and was prescribed an anti-depressant called Citalopram but it actually made me worse — turned me into a walking zombie and I didn’t stay on them for long. When I mentioned that I’d been prescribed an anti-depressant in the past, my psychiatrist raised his eyebrows in horror, because it was pretty evident to him that the depression was the result of an underlying condition (ADHD) not the root condition itself.

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